Scottish Personal Licence Training – Summer 2023

Do you need to gain the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Certificate in order to gain a Personal Licence, so that you can sell or serve alcohol legally, and authorise others to sell or serve alcohol?

Northstar can deliver training anywhere in Scotland through on-line training delivered via Zoom. The training and the exam assessment are both delivered on-line.

At £130 for a full Personal Licence workshop and £85 for a Refresher training workshop, including the exam, we are great value for money and consistently deliver excellent exam results.

To be eligible for a personal licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, an applicant be 18 yrs or over, and must hold the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders. The qualification certificate in itself does not constitute a personal licence; once the certificate has been attained, the applicant must include this in their application for a licence to their local Licensing Board.

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UPDATE AUGUST 2018 – Personal Licence Holders Renewal

The Scottish Government has just recently issued its guidance for Personal License Holders due to renew their existing 10 year Personal License in 2019.

If your personal license was issued on or before 1 September 2009, this applies to you and you need to act now!

As there are very few training providers in Argyll & Bute, training courses are likely to be at a premium. The required training to reapply for your new 10 year Personal License is the completion of a 3 hour Refresher training course and successful pass of the subsequent exam.

NorthStar Consultancy is advertising monthly bookable workshops and exams at The Rockfield Centre, Oban.

Refresher Personal License workshop & exam (4 hours)
£80 per person
New Personal License Holder workshop & exam (8 hours) £150 per person


Further Courses will be available subject to demand and by special request. If you want to enquire about arranging a course at your place of work or in your village/area, please get in touch by email

Key dates

31 August 2018
Personal License Holders can apply to renew their personal license

31 May 2019
Absolute deadline for submitting your personal license renewal application, but if you leave it this late, you risk losing your license

1 September 2019
Expiry date for personal licenses granted up to 1 September 2009

To view the Scottish Government’s publication relating to Renewal of Personal Licenses, please click HERE