Personal Licence Training Workshops – In-Person

Did you know that Northstar Consultancy offers Personal Licence and Refresher workshops in-person? For those who are not confident with working on-line, or perhaps you want a more personal connection to make training a better experience?

We can offer group training for your team or a private one-to-one session. Costs are calculated based on an hourly rate and travel costs, and are more affordable than you might think!

A Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Certificate is needed in order to gain a Personal Licence, so that you can sell or serve alcohol legally, and authorise others to sell or serve alcohol.

With prices from £165 for full Personal Licence training and £105 for Refresher training, including the exam, we are great value for money and consistently deliver excellent exam results.

To be eligible for a personal licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, an applicant be 18 yrs or over, and must hold the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders. The qualification certificate in itself does not constitute a personal licence; once the certificate has been attained, the applicant must include this in their application for a licence to their local Licensing Board.

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