Alcohol Licensing Support

Personal Licence Application

Did you know once you’ve got your SCPLH qualification you still need to apply to your local council for your personal licence? If your premises include the retail sale of alcohol that you will also need to have one or more personal licence holders to train your staff and authorise sales. We can take the hassle away and complete your personal licence application for you! Fee £10

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Premises Licence Application

A premises license is required for any premises from which ‘licensable activities’ are conducted. Premises Licence applications are made to the local council in whose area the premises is situated. We can help you if you need assistance in applying for your Premises Licence, charging our usual hourly rate.

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Interim/Temporary Designated Premises Manager (DPM)

If your DPM leaves unexpectedly or is ill, you must inform your local Licensing Board within 7 days and apply to replace the DPM within 6 weeks. The DPM role carries many responsibilities. If you don’t have existing staff who could step in within 6 weeks, then we can supply an experienced DPM for you, whilst you recruit a permanent solution. Subject to approval by your local LSO, DPM duties can be carried out remotely at affordable prices. Training can be given to existing staff if required. Flexible and practical service, working to your requirements.

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Guide to Premises Licence Compliance

We understand how busy our clients are and how precious their time is to them, which is why we have prepared a handy guide to complying with the Scottish Licencing requirements. A step-by-step, easy to understand guide with downloadable notices and forms which enable you to easily comply with the law and satisfy any checks from Licencing Officers or Police checks.

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Pay only £45 for peace of mind! All participants in our Personal License workshops will receive a copy free of charge.


Premises Licence Compliance Assistance Visit

We understand how time consuming it can be to get your Premises fully compliant. We have a proven track record of achieving full compliance to the satisfaction of Licensing Standards Officers and can offer this service to our clients. We will prepare and place all required signage to comply fully with the Scottish Licensing requirements, prepare a Premises License Folder containing all required documentation and ensure all required training is in place. You can rest assured that you comply with the law and satisfy any checks from Licencing Officers or Police Constables.

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Pay only £100 for peace of mind!

We can help you tackle the challenges you may be facing including:-

  • Customer Service Training
  • Personal License and Refresher Training
  • Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff Training
  • Mandatory staff training and record keeping
  • Interim/Temporary DPM
  • Compliance management– develop compliance reporting for COSHH, Legionnella, Risk Assessment
  • Accessibility – make your café user friendly & maximise the benefits of being accessible to all
  • Feasibility Studies – research, reporting & feedback
  • Coffee Advice & Training
  • Mystery Shopper Visit – Product and service audit, report and solutions
  • Management Support – administration solutions, stock control, document design
  • Going Green & Lean – how to be eco-friendly on a budget
  • Creating a sustainable business – control costs, make your money go further, generate new income streams

We understand that all hospitality and tourism businesses are all different, with diverse objectives and priorities, which means that in response we will be flexible and tailor our consultancy approach to meet the specific needs of each client, responding quickly to any situation, ensuring that no time is lost particularly for any business critical activities. Our aim is to make your business more sustainable, profitable, time and cost efficient, as part of a stress-free and organic process.

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