Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) at SCQF Level 6


The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 requires all personal license holders to undertake refresher alcohol training within 5 years of the issue of their personal license. All Scottish personal license holders must attend a 1/2 day update course, sit and pass an exam before the 5 year anniversary of the issue of the license. They must also submit evidence that the training has been passed to the relevant licensing board within 3 months of the 5 year anniversary.

Failure to ensure this training is done could be fatal to your business. You cannot be named as a premises manager or train staff unless you hold a valid personal license. Premises open after 1.00 am must have a personal license holder present at all times as a condition of the premises license.

Licensing Boards will send out notification to all personal license holders 3 months before the 5th anniversary of the issue of your personal license but not receiving this reminder does not excuse license holders from meeting these requirements. The success of this notification depends on whether they have your correct name and address. If you have moved house or changed your name you must advise the licensing board that issued your license within one month.


The SCPLHR covers the specification set by the Scottish Government to enable learners to understand the law in relation to:

  • The roles, responsibilities and functions of Licensing Boards and Licensing Standards Officers
  • The application process for a personal licence
  • The application process for premises and occasional licences, mandatory and discretionary conditions
  • Protection of children from harm
  • The content and purpose of an operating schedule and risk assessment
  • Drunkenness and disorderly behaviour
  • Licensed hour
  • Control of order
  • The responsible retail sale of alcohol
  • Roles and responsibilities of the personal licence holder and the penalties relating to failure to comply with the law
  • Unauthorised licensable activities
  • Rights of entry to licensed premises
  • The strengths of alcoholic drinks and the effects of alcohol on the human body

Workshop Fee

£95 per person (including venue, refreshments, workbook, worksheets and exam fees)

£90 per person (on-line, including workbook, worksheets and exam fees)

ENQUIRE about team training rates.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Did you know once you’ve got your SCPLH refresher qualification you still need to advise the local licensing board that you have completed Refresher training within 3 months?