Cafés and Restaurants

With over 25 years’ management experience including involvement in a range of small Food & Beverage businesses, Christine Roberts has expertise in customer service, compliance, food hygiene, licensing and food sourcing.  She has an eye for detail, a flair for creative thinking and a passion for promoting Scotland as a tourism destination, sharing our stunning scenery, warm welcome, fabulous food and drink with the World. She is equally passionate about developing a culture of excellence created by training our teams and sustainable thinking.

Running your own food led business can be all consuming with concerns like attracting custom & managing a reliable workforce completely overshadowing your passion for food and hospitality.  Lack of time can also distract you from seeing the bigger picture which is often the solution to solving the smaller problems. This is where a fresh pair of eyes and an extra pair of hands can help tackling some of these challenges on your behalf and present solutions to take forward. We can also assist you by implementing these solutions and carry out training to put your café or restaurant on the path to a more positive future.

Some of the challenges you may be facing include:-

  • Customer Service Training
  • Personal License and Refresher Training
  • Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff Training
  • Mandatory staff training and record keeping
  • Compliance management– develop compliance reporting for COSHH, Legionnella, Risk Assessment
  • Accessibility – make your café user friendly & maximise the benefits of being accessible to all
  • Going Green & Lean – how to be eco-friendly on a budget
  • Creating a sustainable business – control costs, make your money go further, generate new income streams
  • Feasibility Studies – research, reporting & feedback
  • Coffee Advice & Training
  • Mystery Shopper Visit – Product and service audit, report and solutions
  • Management Support – administration solutions, stock control, document design

We understand that all hospitality and tourism businesses are all different, with diverse objectives and priorities, which means that in response we will be flexible and tailor our consultancy approach to meet the specific needs of each client, responding quickly to any situation, ensuring that no time is lost particularly for any business critical activities. Our aim is to make your business more sustainable, profitable, time and cost efficient, as part of a stress-free and organic process.

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